at the Schmalzried Winery, the first organic winery in Württemberg. Our winery has been cultivating its vineyards in Korb, which is located in the astonishing Rems Valley, for more than 120 years. Our pioneering family belongs to one of the first organic winegrowers in Germany.  The grape harvest is done exclusively by hand in order to process only healthy grapes and thus produce top quality wines. The gentle handling, biodynamic cultivation and years of experience can be tasted in our carefully vinified wines.

Our selection of wines

Biodynamic & Organic.

Biodynamic viticulture is about seeing nature in a cycle of our earth. Following this philosophy, we cultivate our vineyards and make our wine as naturally and sustainably as possible. This philosophy in combination with extensive experience and tradition regularly reward our winery and its wines with numerous awards .

Powerful – Characterful – Extraordinary

Our wine lines – GOLD

Here, the time plays an important role. The aging for the white wines takes around one year and for the red wines, we apply barrique aging of minimum 3 years.
The harvest of these grapes takes place very late in order to collect the most of the sun rays. Additionally, many of the vines are characteristic by their high age.

Clear – Structured – Inspiring

Our wine lines – SILVER

Wines with a clear style. Gentle aging and elegant body by means of not too late harvesting. Predominantly aged in steel tanks, which give the white wines a filigree character.

Fresh – Cheeky – Colorful

Our wine lines – COLOR

Fresh, straightforward wines with a clear statement. The moderate harvest and comparatively shorter maceration periods play a major role here. Wines for everyday life and selected meals.

Future – Tradition – United

Our wine lines – GENERATION

These are the wines of the next generation at the Schmalzried Winery. Young winemaker Benedikt Schmalzried combines tradition and modern vinification of the wines. For example, his BigBen red wine blend and Riesling from old vines were extremely successful at various international wine competitions over the years.

Our events

Wine tastings, wine walks, festivals, herbal evenings and much more.

Whether a high-quality wine tasting, an exciting wine hike in the fresh air, an exuberant party or our famous herb evenings with subsequent consumption and enjoyment of selected wines. Feel free to contact us regarding current dates of the events and news about our winery.

We are a certified winery.